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Our Core Values

Fraser Financial - Vernon


Why should I choose you: Clear, Simple, Solutions, specific to you.

Mission Statement: our mission at Fraser Financial - Vernon is to create retirement lifestyle solutions that are clear, simple and specific to you.

Core Values:

1. Integrity: we believe in putting your interests first, avoiding conflicts of interest, and respecting your confidentiality.

2. Passion: we believe in connecting with our clients to develop clear, simple solutions specific to them.

3. Professionalism: we believe in being professional in all aspects of what we do. We strive to present clear, concise, solutions.

4. Responsive: we believe in prompt replies to our clients’ needs and requests and respect their time.  We are open to client comments and their concerns.

5. Continuous Improvement: we believe in life-long learning in order to provide a better experience for our clients.

Message Exercise:

1. Who we are: Fraser Financial – Vernon provides clear, simple, solutions specific to you.

2. What does it mean: we create retirement lifestyle solutions for those planning for or in retirement; this includes all aspects of planning, not just investments.

3. Why are you qualified: we have 30+ combined years of experience in planning and business.  Certified Financial Planners review and present all plans; a CA/CPA is available to provide advice and input on plans; we use the ‘best-in-class’ planning software to develop our plans.

4. What is our methodology:

a.    Identify “what’s important to you?”

b.     Decide “where do you want to go from here?”

c.     Establish “What is the starting point?”

d.     Develop a plan that is specific to you.

e.     Review “how am I doing?

5. What beliefs led to our core proposition: we want to reduce industry jargon; move away from a focus on returns and performance to a focus on achievement of clients’ personal goals. More focus on the long-term and ‘staying the course’.  We don’t like high fees or cookie-cutter solutions.

6. What do I get as a result of the core proposition:  clients feel that they receive personal attention and a plan specific to them.  This allows them to go home believing that they are okay and are able to live the way they had planned.  They are willing to share this feeling with others.