We provide clear, simple, solutions specific to you.

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Core Values

Our mission at Fraser Financial is to create retirement lifestyle solutions that are clear, simple and specific to you


We believe in putting your interests first, avoiding conflicts of interest, and respecting your confidentiality.


We believe in connecting with our clients to develop clear, simple solutions specific to them .


We believe in being professional in all aspects of what we do. We strive to present clear, concise, solutions


We believe in prompt replies to our clients’ needs and requests and respect their time. We are open to client comments and their concerns.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in life-long learning in order to provide a better experience for our clients.


We believe in financial plans that work for you. Getting you to your dreams is the stuff that makes us excited!

Meet the team

Colleen Barker, CFP®

Senior Advisor

Jill Hunt

Client Service Associate

Why should you choose us?

Clear, Simple, Solutions, specific to you.

Who we are

Fraser Financial – Vernon provides clear, simple, solutions specific to you.

What does it mean

We create retirement lifestyle solutions for those planning for or in retirement; this includes all aspects of planning, not just investments.

Why are we qualified

We have 30+ combined years of experience in planning and business. Certified Financial Planners review and present all plans; a CA/CPA is available to provide advice and input on plans; we use the ‘best-in-class’ planning software to develop our plans.

What is our methodology

Identify “What’s important to you?”
Decide “Where do you want to go from here?”
Establish “What is the starting point?”
Develop a plan that is specific to you.
Review “How am I doing?”


Spotted in the news

In our news and blog sections, we provide valuable insights into the financial world from our experts.


19 June, 2018

Intelligent Investor: Retirement Income Planning

The truth is, more Canadians are retiring, and with changes in pension structures and uncertain market conditions, the landscape you need to navigate to have the ret
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4 April, 2018

Intelligent Investor: Wealth Transfer

Wealth Transfer 101: The biggest inter-generational wealth transfer in Canadian history is taking place right now. Read the e-book to learn more.
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3 April, 2018

IPC Special Report: Navigating Life’s Major Events

The stage of life you are in now affects your financial planning strategies. This infographic provides a good roadmap, outlining the costs at each stage of life.
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The Cost of Advice

Understanding the different fee models and what each gets you is the start of any good planning exercise.
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The Value of Advice

One-and-done is not how financial plans work. Life takes you places, priorities change, and your plans need to keep up. That’s where independent advisors, like us, can help keep you on your financial course.
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